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Becoming Human: The Seven Of Nine Scripts (Star Trek Scriptbooks)





The Star Trek Scriptbooks-Book One: The Q Chronicles


"The City On The Edge of Forever"

Harlan Ellison's original script for the Hugo Winning episode. He claims his version is better than the one they shot. Judge for yourself!

Behind The Scenes:

Inside Star Trek : The Real Story

by Herbert F. Solow, Robert H. Justman

Get the Behind-The-Scenes story of the making of the original series from the Associate producer & the VP of the studio.



Star Trek Creator

by David Alexander

The Authorized biography of Gene Roddenberry - the man who had a dream and kept it alive.


Star Trek Phase II : The Lost Series

by Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens

1977. The Original series had been off the air for years and there were no movies yet., Gene Roddenberry had visions of bringing Star Trek back to television... This is the series that wasn't.


Star Trek: Where No One Has Gone Before

by J. M. Dillard

The ultimate Star Trek visual history, complete with personal accounts, anecdotes, and full-color photos, this entertaining, informative book provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the world of Star Trek, and includes essays by the late master of science fiction, Isaac Asimov.


The Art of Star Trek : Thirty Years of Creating the Future

Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens Paperback

Price: $25.00

Star Trek Culture:

Future Perfect : How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth

by Jeff Greenwald

Travel writer Jeff Greenwald observes Star Trek's influence around the world. He interviews with Trek fans from everywhere... including some celebrities, really, The Dali Lama!

Hardcover $16.77

Enterprise Zones : Critical Positions on Star Trek

by Taylor Harrison (Editor), Sarah Projansky (Contributor), Kent A. Ono (Editor)

If you've always thought that Star Trek and Star Trek: the Next Generation deserved the kind of close, political analysis that first-year English classes currently lavish on The Odyssey and To The Lighthouse, then Enterprise Zones: Critical Positions on Star Trek is the volume you have been waiting for.


Star Trek and History : Race-Ing Toward a White Future

by Daniel Leonard Bernardi

Star Trek and History examines the representational and narrative functions of race in Star Trek and explores how the meaning of race in the science fiction series has been facilitated and constrained by creative and network decision-making, by genre, by intertextuality, and by the audience.


Episode Guides:

The Nitpicker's Guide for Next Generation Trekkers

by Phil Farrand

Phil Farrand has a blast pointing out all the continuity lapses this treasury of plot oversights, production problems, and equipment oddities from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This book is filled with fun facts, arcane trivia, and scientific snafus.


Also, check out his other Nitpicker Guides:

The Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers



The Nitpicker's Guide for Deep Space Nine Trekkers



Trek Navigator : The Ultimate Guide to the Entire Trek Saga

by Mark A. Altman, Edward Gross (Contributor)

In the galaxy of "Star Trek" books, there's nothing like "Trek Navigator"--a compendium of punchy reviews, in the style of movie reviewers Siskel and Ebert, critiquing every episode of every "Star Trek" show, in all of the series' incarnations, plus the complete movie series Radio publicity. Web site promo. Targeted print ads .

Captains' Logs Supplemental : The Unauthorized Guide to the New Trek Voyages 1996


And the original:

Captains' Logs : The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages by Mark A. Altman (Contributor), Edward A. Gross


The Star Trek Concordance : The A-To-Z Guide to the Classic Original Television Series and Films by Bjo Trimble



There's obviously much more than we have listed here so far.

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