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"The powers that be" have put together some themed video collections, but we though we'd suggest a few of our own first:




+ The Wrath of Khan

See the original 1966 episode that inspired the 1982 film! And tell us how Khan remebers Chekov when he wasn't in "Space Seed?"

"Space Seed" & Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan


THE "City on The Edge of Forever"/Harlan Ellison DISPUTE PACK:




Arguable the best episode of the original series, it won a Hugo Award for best writing that year. But Harlan Ellison insists that his original script is even better than what they did with it. Watch the video & then read his script -- You be the judge!

"The City on the Edge of Forever" video (from BigStar)

"The City On The Edge of Forever" book (from


Pre-Packaged Video Combos --

The Premier Episodes Pack - A special collector's boxed set featuring the pilot episodes of the original "Star Trek" series (which had two pilots), "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Star Trek: Voyager."


The Mudd Pack

"I Mudd" and "Mudd's Women." The Outrageous Harry Mudd was the only guest star to return to Star Trek in it's original run.


Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Borg Collective

Four episodes of the Borg Saga, including "Q Who" (Ep. 42), "The Best of Both Worlds, Parts 1 & 2" (Eps. 74-75), and "I, Borg" (Ep. 123). (VHS 184 Minutes )


Star Trek: The Next Generation - Worf: Return to Grace Collection

The complete "Klingon Trilogy," chronicling the war of succession in the Klingon Empire and the clearing of Worf's family name. Comprises "Sins of the Father" (Ep. 65), "Reunion" (Ep. 81), and "Redemption Pts. 1 & 2" (Eps. 100-101). Includes a limited edition Worf action figure. (VHS 184 Minutes)


Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Q Continuum

A four-tape boxed set chronicling the vexing appearances of "Q" in the early seasons of "TNG." Includes "Encounter at Farpoint" (Ep. 1&2), "Hide & Q" (Ep. 11), "Q Who?" (Ep. 42) and "Deja Q" (Ep. 61).(VHS 234 Minutes)


Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Data Collection

Five episodes sure to delight fans of the fully-functional, daring android, including a two-part episode that makes its home video debut in this collection. In "The Measure of a Man" (Ep. 35), Data avoids disassembly. In "The Offspring" (Ep. 64), Data debuts as a dad-droid, having built a child who's a "chip" off the old block. In "Hero Worship" (Ep. 111), a starry-eyed kid follows Data around--and saves the Enterprise from destruction. And in "Descent Parts I & II" (Ep. 152-153), Data deals with his doppelganger, Lore.


Star Trek: The Next Generation - Special Collector's Edition

A collector's set featuring the first episode of "TNG" ("Encounter at Farpoint") and the final episode ("All Good Things").







Star Trek - Time Travel Collection

Star Trek - The Captains Collection




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