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First a few of Our favorite combos, then the pre-packaged ones:

Video Combo Ideas:

"Space Seed" & "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"

See the original 1966 episode that inspired the 1982 film! And tell us how Khan remebers Chekov when he wasn't in "Space Seed?"



Pre-Packaged Video Combos --

Star Trek - The Mudd Pack (1966-67)

"I Mudd" and "Mudd's Women." The Outrageous Hartcourt Benton Mudd was the only guest star to return to Star Trek in it's original run.


The Trouble With Tribbles and "Trials and Tribblations"

Why not throw in the animated "


The Borg Collective Gift Set - See the Next generation crew fight their greatest enemy in four spectacular episodes.



Q Continuum Gift Set - Captain Picard and the Next Generation Crew confounded by the cosmic prankster Q in "Encounter At Farpoint Station", "Hide and Q", "Q Who?", and "Deja Q"





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