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These Are The Continuing Voyages...


Triangle : Imzadi II

by Peter David

The long-awaited sequel by Peter David. Picking up on Worf an Troi's romance from The Next Generation he plays out the ultimate "Triangle"

Hardcover: $16.10



by Peter David

"One of the Best Star Trek Novels Ever"

Counselor Troi dies and Riker becomes possesed with finding out how and becomes torn between his duty and his deep feelings for Troi.



Ancient Blood (Star Trek - The Next Generation - Day of Honor , No 1)

Diane L. Carey
Armageddon Sky (Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Day of Honor , No 2)
by L. A. Graf


Balance of Power (Star Trek the Next Generation, No 33)
Dafydd Ab Hugh, et al
Blaze of Glory (Star Trek : The Next Generation, No 34)
Simon Hawke



All Good Things : A Novel (Star Trek : The Next Generation) Michael Jan Friedman, Kevin Ryan (Editor)


A novelization of the final 2-part episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Audio Cassette - Jonathan Frakes (Narrator)


by Peter David


Deep Space Nine : The 34th Rule

by Armin Shimerman, David George


The Big Game (Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, No 4)

Sandy Schofield, John Ordover(Editor)


Betrayal (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 6)
Lois Tilton
Bloodletter (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 3)
K. W. Jeter
Best Destiny (Star Trek)
Diane L. Carey, Kevin Ripin (Editor)


The Better Man (Star Trek No 72)


Howard Weinstein, John Ordover (Editor)


Assignment : Eternity (Star Trek, No 84)
by Greg Cox
The Black Shore (Star Trek - Voyager, 13)
Greg Cox


Bless the Beasts (Star Trek - Voyager , No 10)
Karen Haber


The Borg : First Contact (Star Trek Generations II)
Theresa Reed
Proud Helios : Star Trek Deep Space 9 (Star Trek : Deep Space Nine, No 9)
Melissa Scott, John Ordover (Editor)

Trek Fiction by William Shatner:


AVENGER by William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens, 1998

The continuing adventures of the "not quite dead" Captain James T. Kirk.



THE RETURN by William Shatner 1997

-Not satisfied to let his Captain Kirk be killed in the movie "Star Trek: Generations" Shatner wrote Kirk back to life in this New York Times Bestseller.



Ashes Of Eden by William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens, 1996



For other books & music by William Shatner, Click Here.

BOOK SERIES - Multi-Part Adventures in the Trek Universe:

There's obviously much more than we have listed here so far.

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