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How to trade banners with us:
For a general link to our Storefront copy the code below and place it somewhere on your site.
(Preferably where it'll be seen... not way down at the bottom of a long list of fabrics used in the making of Delta Quadrant alien's wardrobes.)

Next, E-mail us.and tell us where we can see our banner. Also include the URL for your banner, or the URL of the page you'd like a text link to.

(We should be able to respond and upload your link within 2 or 3 days. A week tops.)

If you'd like to include links to specific pages on our site please do. But please also include our banner somewhere on your site.


First, Copy and paste this html on your page:


 It should look like this:


Once it's on your site, then E-mail us.with the URL where we can find it and the information for your link. (Your banner's URL or a brief site description)

Finally, we'll email you to let you know your banner is up on our site.

Thanks a lot! Hope you get lots of hits!

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I want to surf around the store to find specific pages to link to.

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