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Wouldn't it be great if you were surfing a website, got to thinking about a favorite episode you haven't seen in years and Voila! --You could order a tape right then and there?

Making your website cool and interesting takes a lot of work. And keeping it fresh and working takes even more. Who has the time to build a store on their site too? The more time you spend researching how, finding everything and building links to it all could be spent making your actual site interesting!

We recommend linking to our site(surprise). Say you have a Deep Space 9 site... link right to our Deep Space 9 Videos page, or if you're a Klingon site... send your visitors to the Klingon Homeworld Store!

Even a simple link to the Storefront will give your visitors a deeper layer of Trek Content, enriching your site and leaving you free to take your Star Trek Website into Slipstream Drive!

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Okay, I want to link my site to "Star Trek: The Store"
Not me, I want to surf around the store some more.


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