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Original Videos:

Ep. 1 - "The Cage" "The Cage" This special collector's edition includes the long-lost color footage from Gene Roddenberry's pilot episode of the television series restored to the color version the way it was originally shot. Leonard Nimoy's earliest version of Mr. Spock is a must see!

Ep. 2 - "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Kirk takes the ship into particularly dangerous territory as he travels beyond the limits of the known galaxy.

Ep. 3 - "The Corbomite Manuever" The Enterprise heads toward what seems to be certain disaster when it becomes an unwilling participant in a tug-of-war with an alien spacecraft.

Ep. 4 - "Mudd's Women" Kirk takes aboard a con man named Harry Mudd who has with him three unusually beautiful women.

Ep. 5 - "The Enemy Within" As the result of a strange accident, Captain Kirk is split into two diametrically opposed personalities - one good and the other evil.

Ep. 6 - "The Man Trap" A strange creature from the planet M-113 invades the Starship Enterprise and threatens the lives of the entire crew.

Ep. 7 - "The Naked Time" After visiting the planet PSI 2000, one of the crewmen of the Starship Enterprise brings a highly contagious virus aboard the ship.

Ep. 8 - "Charlie X" A seventeen-year-old boy, the sole survivor of a crash fourteen years before, wreaks havoc throughout the ship.

Ep. 9 - "Balance of Terror" The Enterprise pursues an invisible space vessel responsible for the annihilation of four Earth outposts. Yes, it's the first appearance of the Romulans and their infamous cloaking device!

Ep. 10 - "What Are Little Girls Made Of" Kirk travels to a distant planet in search of Dr. Korby, a scientist missing for over five years.

Ep. 11 - "Dagger of the Mind" The lives of Captain Kirk and the ship psychiatrist, Helen Noel, are imperiled during an inspection trip to the penal colony on the planet Tantalus.

Ep. 12 - "Miri" The crew of the Enterprise discover a planet inhabited only by children.

Ep. 13 - "The Conscience of the King" Suspicions arise when a company of actors visit the Enterprise. Their leader bears a striking resemblance to the notorious criminal, Kodos the Executioner.

Ep. 14 - "The Galileo Seven" Spock pilots a shuttlecraft on a mission to a strange planet populated by huge neanderthal-like creatures. First aired January 5, 1967.





Ep. 15 - "Court Martial" Kirk is accused of murdering a crewman, and only Spock's logical reasoning can save him.

Ep. 16 - "The Menagerie, Parts I and II" Spock stands trial for mutiny after he takes control of the Enterprise and "kidnaps" Captain Pike, the ship's former commander. A special double episode package. Includes footage from "The Cage" (episode 1)

Ep. 17 - "Shore Leave" After a long mission, the crew of the Enterprise prepares to enjoy their shore leave on a lush, Earth-like planet. Little do they know what terrible danger awaits them there.

Ep. 18 - "The Squire of Gothos" Kirk does battle with a maniacal alien who attempts to use the USS Enterprise as a giant space toy.

Ep. 19 - "Arena" In a study of "good vs. evil," an advanced alien civilization pits Kirk against a powerful reptilian creature. Based on science fiction novelist Fredric Brown's short story. First aired January 19, 1967.

Ep. 20 - "The Alternative Factor" Shortly after taking aboard a man with two personalities, it is discovered that there are actually two of him - and one of them has the power to destroy the universe. Originally aired March 30, 1967.

Ep. 21 - "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" In a bizarre accident, the Enterprise is transported into the past where it is sighted by a U.S. Air Force pilot who believes it to be a U.F.O. This is the episode in which the crew discovers the "slingshot" time-travel effect employed in "Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home." First aired January 26, 1967.

Ep. 22 - "Return of the Archons" Kirk and Spock must destroy the "leader" of a planet populated by humans who lead strange, zombie-like lives. First aired February 9, 1967.

Ep. 23 "A Taste of Armageddon" In a brilliant satire of modern warfare by proxy as carried out by the Superpowers, Kirk and Spock land on a strange world where, in order to mitigate the physical destructiveness of warfare, two planets battle by computer, with designated human casualties herded into death chambers. First aired February 23, 1967.


Space SeedEp. 24 - "Space Seed" Kirk matches wits with a race of supermen led by the brilliant, powerful, and wicked Khan. The "seed" for "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan." Originally aired 16, 1967.




Ep. 25 "This Side of Paradise" The crew of the Enterprise beam down to what they expect to be a desolate planet, but instead find a virtual paradise where death and sickness are unknown. Not surprisingly, things turn out to be other than what they appear to be. First aired March 2, 1967.

Ep. 26 "The Devil in the Dark" A strange creature is responsible for the death of a number of miners working in the tunnels of Janus VI, and the crew of the Enterprise are sent down to investigate. To their surprise, they discover that the miners have been unknowingly killing the offspring of the creature. Originally aired March 9, 1967.

Ep. 27 "Errand of Mercy" Kirk and Spock learn the true meaning of the word "mercy" when they vanquish a Klingon warrior, and a humanoid from the planet Organia interferes. First aired March 23, 1967.

Ep. 28 - "The City on the Edge of Forever" Kirk must set history right after it is changed by a fluke, but in order to do so, he must allow the woman he loves to be killed. This episode, penned by Harlan Ellison, won a Hugo Award for best writing. First aired April 6, 1967. (Guest starring Joan Collins)




Ep. 29 - "Operation-Annihilate" Upon arrival at the planet Deneva, Kirk discovers that, along with the rest of the population, his brother has been driven insane by some strange alien force. First aired April 13, 1967.

Ep. 30 - "Catspaw" On Pyrus VII, Sulu and Scotty are turned into zombies by the evil magic of Korob and Sylvia who then turn their trickery on the Enterprise. This episode, penned by "Psycho" author Robert Bloch, was the debut for Walter Koenig who played "Chekhov." First aired October 26, 1967.

Ep. 31 - "Metamorphosis" Kirk, Spock and McCoy become imprisioned by a cloud creature on a planet whose only human inhabitant was supposed to have died over a century ago. First aired November 10, 1967.

Ep. 32 - "Friday's Child" Kirk performs a heroic deed on Capella IV which proves his undoing when the natives and an interfering Klingon agent turn against him. First aired December 1, 1967.

Ep. 33 - "Who Mourns for Adonnis" In one of the best programs of the series, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves under the control of one of the gods of ancient Greece. Their complete unwillingness to serve him places them all in grave danger. First aired September 23, 1967.

Ep. 34 - "Amok Time" Spock is overwhelmed by the fabled Vulcan mating urge, and nothing can stand in his way in his quest to return to his home planet. Even Kirk is in danger. Celia Lovsky, who plays Vulcan high priestess T'Pau, was married to Peter Lorre in real life. This episode first aired September 15, 1967.




Ep. 35 - "The Doomsday Machine" Kirk is stuck on a disabled ship while its revenge-crazed commander seizes control of the Enterprise from Spock and pursues a robot ship. Originally aired October 20, 1967. The son of the suicidal Commodore Decker appears in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" as the character Wil Decker.

Ep. 36 - "Wolf in the Fold" A head injury to Scotty turns him into a cold-blooded "lady-killer." Written by "Psycho" author Robert Bloch. Originally aired December 22, 1967.

Ep. 37 - "The Changeling" Nomad, a deadly robotic space probe, is on target for Earth and Kirk must use all his wits to outsmart the killer computer. Vic Perrin provides the voice of the menacing robot. First aired September 29, 1967.

Ep. 38 - "The Apple" Vaal, protector of the Gamma Trianguli VI, tries everything in its power to destroy the Enterprise during an ill-fated visit to the strange planet. A young David (Starsky & Hutch) appears as "Makora." First aired October 13, 1967.

Ep. 39 - "Mirror, Mirror" Rejoining the enterprise, Kirk and company find themselves aboard a duplicate Enterprise whose crew are ruthless barbarians. First aired October 6, 1967.





Ep. 40 - "The Deadly Years" A landing party from the Enterprise becomes ill with a fatal aging disease and Spock and McCoy search for a remedy using Chekov as a guinea pig. First aired December 8, 1967.

Ep. 41 - "I, Mudd" Harry Mudd is back and this time one of his schemes backfires leaving the Enterprise and himself captive by a race of androids. First aired November 3, 1967.

Ep. 42 - "The Trouble With Tribbles" Kirk is in trouble when furry creatures called Tribbles won't stop eating and Klingons invade a space station storing a valuable grain shipment. First aired December 29, 1967.




Ep. 43 - "Bread and Circuses" Kirk, Spock and McCoy visit a former colleague who now holds sway over a parallel Roman Empire mixed with modern technology and televised gladiator fights. First aired March 15, 1968.

Ep. 44 - "Journey to Babel" Spock is in a dilemma as his ailing father needs a transfusion in order to live while the Enterprise is crowded with alien ambassadors and he has replaced Captain Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise. First aired November 17, 1967.

Ep. 45 - "A Private Little War" Kirk is bewitched by the wife of a tribal chief on a stone age planet when she cures him of a poisonous bite. Kirk soon forgets the Prime Directive, and begins training the tribesmen how to fight their enemies. First aired February 2, 1968.

Ep. 46 - "The Gamesters of Triskelion" Kirk, Uhura and Chekov are enslaved by unseen masters from Triskelion and cast into a deadly game. First aired January 5, 1968.

Ep. 47 - "Obsession" Kirk must find a way to stop a "vampire" cloud creature before it destroys all humanoid life in the galaxy. First aired December 15, 1967.

Ep. 48 - "The Immunity Syndrome" Kirk and his crew must destroy a giant amoeba before it reproduces and destroys the entire universe. First aired January 19, 1968.

Ep. 49 - "A Piece of the Action" In this comic episode, Kirk and crew visit the planet Iotia only to find themselves in the midst of a planetwide gang war. Apparently, the entire society has fashioned itself after Prohibition Era America. First aired January 12, 1968.



Ep. 50 - "By Any Other Name" When a landing party encounters aliens the crew members are transformed into crystalline blocks. The aliens then assume human form and plan to take the Enterprise on a 300-year journey to their home galaxy. First aired February 23, 1968.

Ep 51 - "Return to Tomorrow" Kirk, Spock and a beautiful, red-shirted crew member, Dr. Ann Mulhall, allow superbeings to possess their bodies until they are able to android bodies. However, once they feel flesh, the superbeings decide to keep their bodies, putting the crew of the Enterprise in a quandary. First aired February 19, 1968.

Ep 52 -"Patterns of Force"- "Patterns of Force" The Enterprise is threatened by nuclear missiles when passing the planet Ekos. A closer look reveals a culture that mirrors Nazi Germany. First aired February 16, 1968.

Ep. 53 - "The Ultimate Computer" Kirk must stand aside as a powerful computer and its creator are allowed to run the Enterprise as part of a test - a test that goes horribly wrong. First aired March 8, 1968.

Ep. 54 - "The Omega Glory" The crew of the Enterprise discover a ghost ship and a crazed captain who thinks he has found the fountain of youth on planet Omega IV inhabited by thousand-year-old natives. First aired March 1, 1968. Ep. 55

Ep. 55 - "Assignment: Earth" Kirk and crew journey back to the 1960's to observe Earth history when they cross paths with a mysterious alien agent who claims to be trying to save the planet. They have their doubts when it is clear he is trying to sabotage a nuclear missile launch. This episode was actually a pilot for a spin-off show which was never picked up and so was cycled into Star Trek's season as an episode. First March 29, 1968. (Guest Starring Teri Garr & Robert Lansing )

Ep. 56 - "Spectre of the Gun" Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Chekov are forced to relive the gunfight at the O.K. Corral by a race whose warning buoy is misunderstood. First aired October 25, 1968.

Ep. 57 - "Elaan of Troyius" Despite Klingon warnings, Kirk falls for a beautiful Troyian woman whom he is to escort to her politically-arranged wedding. Could Kirk spark a futuristic Trojan war? First aired December 20, 1968.

Ep. 58 - "The Paradise Syndrome" Beaming down to a doomed planet, Kirk disappears. Spock must take the Enterprise off to rendezvous with an approaching asteroid, while an amnesiac Kirk is absorbed into the native culture and falls deeply in love with the chief's daughter. First aired October 4, 1968.

Ep. 59 - "The Enterprise Incident" An apparently erratic Kirk takes the Enterprise into Romulan space where it is promptly captured. Once aboard the enemy vessel, he seems to fall in love with the beautiful Romulan commander. First aired September 27, 1968.

Ep. 60 - "And the Children Shall Lead" An evil superbeing disguised as "Friendly Angel" has taken over Triacus and persuaded the children to kill all the adults. Only the crew of the Enterprise can stop him from invading the galaxy. "Friendly Angel" is played by high profile lawyer Melvin Belli, whose son Caesar plays carrot-topped kid Steve O'Connel. First aired October 11, 1968.

Ep. 61 - "Spock's Brain" A beautiful woman suddenly arrives on the Enterprise, renders the entire crew unconscious and leaves - with Spock's brain! First aired September 20, 1968.

Ep. 62 - "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" Kirk welcomes aboard an alien ambassador whose very appearance can drive men insane, along with the beautiful telepath who cares for the strange alien. The Vulcan IDIC is introduced in this episode. First aired October 18, 1968. (Guest starring Diana Muldaur)

Ep. 63 - "The Empath" Kirk and McCoy become intergalactic guinea pigs for tortuous medical researchers. When a pain-absorbing "Empath" named Gem intervenes, the stakes are raised: her life for McCoy's in a finale that's truly stunning. First aired December 6, 1968.

Ep. 64 - "The Tholian Web" When Kirk is de-materialized and lost, the captainless Enterprise is thrown into chaos - until the reading of Kirk's will helps put the feuding Spock and McCoy on a problem-solving course. This episode won an Emmy for special effects. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, it is mentioned that Riker's father was once the lone survivor of a Tholian attack such as the one featured in this episode. First aired November 15, 1968.


Ep.. 65 - "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" Kirk and Spock struggle to outwit a gone-haywire computer that's put the planet it controls on a collision course with an asteroid. First aired November 8, 1968.

Ep. 66 - "Day of the Dove" The starship becomes a battleground and a malevolent energy secretly feeds off the rage of the warring Enterprise crew and Klingons. The only episode with a female Klingon. First aired November 1, 1968.

Ep. 67 - "Plato's Stepchildren" Mind control gone mad. Subject to the humiliating telekinetic whim of their captors, Kirk and the Enterprise landing party struggle to regain their freedom. Includes network TV's first interracial kiss when Kirk kisses Uhura. Spock also kisses Nurse Chapel, for a second interracial kiss! First aired November 22, 1968.

Ep. 68 - "Wink of an Eye" Name: James T. Kirk. Occupation: Love-Slave. Objective: The repopulation of a dying planet. Scheming planetary ruler Deela sets out to make it all come true. First aired November 29, 1969.

Ep. 69 - "That Which Survives" Stranded 1,000 light years from their starship, Kirk, McCoy and Sulu are confronted by a beautiful woman whose touch equals death. First aired January 24, 1969.

Ep. 70 - "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" A long-simmering racial hatred imperils the Enterprise when Kirk beams aboard a half-black, half-white fugitive... And his half-white, half-black pursuer. First aired January 10, 1969.

Ep. 71 - "Whom Gods Destroy" Inmates running the asylum? A mad ruler with the power to assume forms becomes a Kirk look-alike and Spock must use his deductive powers to uncover the impostor. First aired January 3, 1969.

Ep. 72 - "The Mark of Gideon" Kirk finds himself on a mysteriously deserted Enterprise, not knowing the ship is a duplicate created by beings whose only hope for survival is disease. First aired January 17, 1969.

Ep. 73 - "The Lights of Zetar" Scotty's in love. But there's little timefor romance when the lady in question is possessed by a malevolent energy storm. This episode was written by Star Trek fans Jeremy Tarcher and Shari Lewis. Shari is most famous as a children's puppeteer whose most famous puppet is "Lambchop." First aired January 31, 1969.

Ep. 74 - "The Cloud Minders" The Enterprise crew sets out to obtain zienite, the mineral that can save a disease-ridden planet - and becomes involved in the struggle for equality waged by the oppressed zienite miners called Troglytes. Football great Fred Williamson guests as Anka, one of the Troglytes. First aired February 28, 1969.

Ep. 75 - "The Way to Eden" Rebellious idealists will do anything to find the fabled planet of Eden - even murder the Enterprise crew! Includes a rare "jam session" with Spock playing the Vulcan harp. First aired February 21, 1969.

Ep. 76 - "Requiem for Methuselah" The discovery of immortality? Kirk, Spock and McCoy encounter a being who may have been Brahms, Da Vinci and other Earthly geniuses. First aired February 14, 1969.

Ep. 77 - "The Savage Curtain" Kirk and Spock have a powerful ally to help them battle evil forces on a lava- encrusted planet: the great emancipator himself, Abraham Lincoln. First aired March 7, 1969.

Ep. 78 - "All Our Yesterdays" Trying to rescue Kirk, Spock travels back in time - and is transformed into a primitive, love-struck Vulcan who has no intention of returning to the Enterprise. First aired March 14, 1969.

Ep. 79 - "Turnabout Intruder" A female James T. Kirk? A vindictive woman uses an alien technique to exchange brains with the captain and rule the Enterprise.

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