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Starship Creator

Design, Build and launch your own starships with Star Trek Starship Creator. Now send it off on a mission. Will it prevail? Like any seasoned officer, you'll learn through trial and error how to build the best starship and assemble a formidable fleet.

Windows & Macintosh CD-Rom


Star Trek Interactive Encyclopedia With Phaser

Now, the interactive reference to the entire Star Trek history -- thus far -- is available in a 4-CD-ROM set.

Windows & Macintosh CD-Rom


StarTrek: Starfleet Academy

Your journey continues as a graduate of Starfleet Academy command school. Chekov's Lost Missions is an add-on disk containing a collection of simulator missions designed specifically to challenge your skills, leadership and tactical training against familiar enemies-from the Klingon Bird of Prey to the Romulan Heavy Cruiser.

Every action will reflect your convictions as motivator, loyal friend, and diplomat. All the while Chekov (Walter Koenig) and George Takei, in a special appearance as Sulu, are presentto provide instruction as well as inspiriation. Chekov's Lost Missions continues your trainingin the finest school in the universe- Starfleet Academy.  

PowerMac CD-ROM



For the Trekker who already has "Starfleet Academy" for Windows

32-bit Windows, CD-ROM


StarTrek: Klingon Honor Guard

While your character is training for induction to the Klingon Honor Guard, an assassination attempt is made on Gowron, the leader of the Klingon High Council.

A bomb has exploded in the High Council chamber, killing several members of the High Council, the Honor Guard, and seriously injuring Gowron.

Gowron orders you to active duty in order to pursue the criminals to their safe house in the Klingon Capital City.

This is only the beginning...failure is death!

32-bit Windows, CD-ROM



(not available yet, pre-order today!)

32-bit Windows, CD-ROM



And from :

Star Trek Gift Bundle

by Sound Source Interactive

Features 4 great interactive programs: Star Trek Omnipedia, Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide, Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual, and Star Trek: Klingon Language Lab.






Star Trek: The Next Generation

by Absolute

The Holodeck's computer simulations put you at the helm of the Galaxy Class Starship Enterprise, all of its power and crew awaiting your orders. You'll embark on a series of missions assigned by Captain Picard, and the life-or-death choices required of a Starfleet officer will rest squarely on your shoulders. Improve your Academy ranking and embark on more complex missions, putting your split-second decision-making skills to the test.

The Captain's Chair

What's it like to be in command of one of the most powerful shipsin Starfleet? This is your chance to experience the excitement of Starfleet'smost famous ships. Using photo-realistic QuickTime VR technology, Captain's

Chair puts you on the bridge (and behind the panels) of your favorite Star Trek ship. Explore the bridges of the USS Enterprise, USS Defiant, or USS Voyager.

Set in the 24th Century as a museum archival holosimulation of the Federation's finest ships, Captain's Chair is as close to living in the world of Star Trek as you can get.


Star Trek Pinball

by Interplay

This incredible pinball simulation features multiple tables and multi-player, head-to-head gameplay. 3 unique tables with original series Star Trek graphics, voices and sound effects make for realistic pinball action. Includes multiple ball play, ramps, tilting - everything a great pinball game should have. Players can face down opponents in side-by-side multi-player mayhem or over a LAN.





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