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Own your own Star Trek Arcade Game!

This is the real game that sits in arcades around the world and it can be in your home soon!

Completely refurbished, this sit-down version of the Star Trek arcade game is in perfect working condition!


Scotty's voice becons: "Be the Captain of the Starship Enterprise"
Then Spock's voice instructs: "Press Player one or player two to start."

The owner lives in the Chicago area so shipping will be cheaper the closer you are to Chicago.

Asking $1,000 or best offer.



send all inquires to:

(This website is acting only as an intermediary between the seller and prospective buyers. This arcade video game is being sold by a private party and Star Trek: The Store makes no promises or guarantees whatsoever. Any arrangements made between seller and purchaser are made between individuals and this site is not liable for any misrepresentations by either party.)



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